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digitaldevilqueen asked: stop asking people to draw your fucking oc. Who the fuck do you think I am that I'm gonna just randomly draw your stupid ass oc for FREE. Fuck you very much. Bye.


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There was a little garter snake in the front garden, and Mom’s terrified of snakes so I had to move him into the woods where he’d less likely to get screamed at / hit with a broom. (Also there are lots of nice logs for him to sleep in.) But now I’ve got gross snake-smell all over my hand because I traumatized the poor little guy. :(

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TES fandom please stop

Seriously though, when did the discussion of “problematic things MK has said that we’d like him to be aware of and stop doing” turn into “I’m going to passive aggressively slam other people in the fandom.”

If you don’t like someone, tell them. If you don’t like it when someone reblogs your art, tell them. Don’t complain about people on a different site and don’t leave vague, threatening messages on your blog.

"It’s my blog, I can do what I want!!!"

Okay. But the next time you claim to be “pro social justice” I’m going to laugh at what a hypocritical asshole you are. Whenever I see a post reading something like “some person in the TES fandom said something problematic once and I hate them for it!” I start panicking. I have a clinically diagnosed anxiety problem, and usually I can deal with it. But when someone throws something like that out with no context, I become sure that someone hates me and I can’t sleep at night. 

(This wasn’t prompted by Voryn-Dagoth’s posts. It’s posts more along the lines of “there’s a person in the fandom who I hate and want to call out!” For the love of god, message that person first and only make it public if they’re being a dick on purpose.)

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when I was in NYC, the male pigeons were courting the females and it was hysterical watching them. They’d poof up their neck feathers, make these really persistent coos, and spin in circles showing off their magnificent tails.

The females would run away every time.

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Reasons I like Sheogorath:

- He’s a little shit who knows he’s a character in a work of fiction. (Sheog was here first, Vivec and Tiber are losers!!) He taunts you in the Mantellan Crux, saying that the game’s ridiculous final dungeon would drive you insane and then he’d take you away. Little shit.

- People in Tamriel don’t usually mess with the insane unless they’re actively harming others (IE Glarthir) because Insanity is a sentient force and could kick their asses

- He threw a moon at Vivec. Sure, in some metaphysical way it’s Vivec’s baby, but it’s also just a big ol’ rock that he pitched at Vivec. And it ended up fucking the Dunmer over which is incredibly satisfying given the Temple’s bullshit about how insanity is a sign of evil.

- Vivec calling him as a defendant during the Trial. Proceeding to be the least helpful defense ever.

He’s generally just a petulant little shit to people, but it’s absolutely cathartic when he goes after Vivec or some other “untouchable” character. He also seems to be one of the few Princes that actually cares a little bit about their followers - a lot of Princes are just after the souls / raw creatia of their followers. Sheog likes watching them and seeing how they behave.

(lmao at Vivec claiming that letting Lie Rock crash was a test of the Dunmer faith though. Vivec was old and weak and couldn’t do shit about it)