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I’m not sure how many people have seen this, but it’s quite important if you’re a modder, even if you’re not. 

Some mad genius has finally managed to crack the biggest wall in Skyrim modding, the secret of animation. Want proper spears? Fuck yeah we can have proper spears. Want underwater combat? Fuck yeah we can have underwater combat. 

This won’t completely change the game, but it opens up a huge new avenue of everything. 

I’ve been following the thread on Beth’s forums and holy shit.

This will allow not only for new weapons (halberds hell yeah) but will also let modders create completely new enemies - no more trying to make a Guar with a Hagraven’s animations!

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bioshock is really just a game about being a dad and meeting other dads and sometimes beating up other dads 

Silent Hill is really just a game about a dad realizing his true duty as a dad and going on a dad mission

Dishonored is about realizing you’re the only dad in the world so you become powerdad and destroy anyone else’s chances of possibly being a dad

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Mage’s Guild questline is seriously ableist garbage though

Wall of text incoming.

Sheogorath is horribly written on purpose just to give the other characters a reason to claim he’s a worthless joke. Anyone’s who plays Shivering Isles and ESO at the same time will see the difference - he’s a selfish child in both, to be sure, but in SI his dialogue clearly comes across as intelligent and capable. He may not be fully ‘there’ but he still knows how to protect his realm and its people.

Just as Sheogorath is the defacto ‘villain,’ Shalidor is supposed to be your ‘mentor’ figure. This is bullshit. Shalidor’s entire motivation is to regain Eyevea - fair enough. But throughout the questline, we learn that Shalidor willingly traded Eyevea to Sheogorath in exchange for the secrets of Glamoril (IE eternal life). Shalidor then refuses to accept the fact that he ‘lost’ to the Madgod. Shalidor considers Sheogorath to be a mere joke and his followers to be poor, tortured souls. 

"Poor souls! Sheogorath’s ‘family!’" - literally a thing he says

I’m autistic. I’ve spent my entire life coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never be neurotypical and I’ll always exist on the fringe of society. But in spite of all the pain my mind has caused me, I would never want to be “normal.” Taking away my autistic traits would take away me. I would cease to be the same person; I would, in essence, be dead.

And that’s why Shalidor’s comment - and the accompanying portrayal of the mentally ill as animalistic subhumans - hurts so much. It’s a forceful reminder that many people see the mentally ill as “broken,” “defective” souls and not as human beings.

I don’t need pity, I need respect.

Compare this to Haskill’s dialogue at the start of Shivering Isles: "A cure? You speak as though they are diseased." And all throughout Shivering Isles, the people we meet are portrayed as people with emotions and dreams. Then in Skyrim, when the player enters Pelagius’ mind, they aren’t ‘fixing’ him - they’re fighting his inner demons, allowing him to “continue hating everyone else.”

Shivering Isles and Skyrim both do an okay job of showing how madness isn’t some binary system  - you can have mental issues but you’re still a human being, worthy of respect. And then ESO turns around and goes straight back to some Romantic era portrayal of madness where the insane are ‘generously’ depicted as fantastical beings that are one with nature, cut off from ‘humanity.’

In the end, the Mage’s Guild questline paints Sheogorath as a worthless joke, his followers as mindless animals, and the “good” choice in the questline is to bring Valaste back to reality. Shalidor is painted as a hero, despite the fact that he uses Valaste, forces her to work until she can hardly function. It wasn’t the books that drove her insane - it was Shalidor sacrificing her mental well-being for his precious Eyevea! The entire questline could have been avoided if only Shalidor had actually accepted the fact that Sheogorath won.

All of the pain and strife arose because Shalidor refused to accept that Sheogorath (and by proxy, his sphere) was actually worthy of respect.

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