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if kinmune is meant to be ayrenns armor though then thats great because kinmune is beautiful.

also hilarious because naemons armor looks almost identical to ayrenns. does this mean that his armor is an exoform like kinmune? enumnik maybe???

what if Pelinal was just a suit of armor with the Amulet of Kings and some moths inside

what if you were inside Pelinal himself during KotN

did the champion of cyrodiil accidentally have sex with Pelinal???

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People who don’t think Sheog could majorly fuck shit up

"he only makes people crazy that’s not scary"

fucker could make the entirety of Wayrest paranoid enough to murder their neighboring kingdoms out of fear

see the thing about Sheog is that in place of a mor(t)al compass, he acts on literary merit. look at the way authors painstakingly create OCs just to ruin their lives. that is how the madgod do.

also if you refer to the mentally ill as “broken” or “stupid” I will fucking drive to your house and hide radios playing the most obnoxious droning song possible with each one set to be a few milliseconds off from the rest. good luck getting the one in your chimney

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Everybody likes to pretend Martin’s a handsome messiah figure, but he’s just a pudgy religious hypocrite.

Martin is a nerd who gets stuck in ayleid staircases

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I managed to make a fully interactive custom npc husband in Skyrim, but somewhere along the way I messed up so if I give him any items the sound of eating bread plays at full blast, nonstop 

reblog if you want a relationship like this

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